We have travelled to almost every country in Europe with our staff and have built state-of-the-art automated conveyor belt systems for the world’s largest multinational companies. These specialised systems are widely used in almost all industries. Whether it’s an airport, a bottling plant, an international courier company or an e-commerce distribution centre, or any other field of use, our company always delivers fast and accurate service.

In addition to high service quality, maintaining employee satisfaction is a key priority. We know the difficulties of working abroad and how important it is to provide quality conditions for our colleagues while they are abroad.



It is important for us to supply professional services as fast as possible and at the highest standard to our customers. Outstanding quality is provided by our experienced and professionally competent team of employees. We can be available within 48 hours anywhere in the world.

Our employees who arrive with a neat appearance and in uniform working clothing at the work area, perform tasks to the best of their abilities, in observance of the rules of safe work. Our group leaders speak various foreign languages to ensure appropriate communication in all cases.



Precision is not only reflected in the quality of our service. This is demonstrated by our equipment fleet of the most state-of-the-art tools on the market, more than 150 locksmith’s boxes and almost 600 Makita machine tools. We ensure that our workers look their best with uniform, quality workwear.

Our staff travel to the site using our company cars. We have a fleet of almost 40 vehicles. Our own mechanics ensure the impeccable condition, cleanliness, and continuous maintenance of the cars at a specially designed site in Ózd.

We also provide comfortable, well-equipped accommodation for all colleagues, wherever they work.



Our back-office team of 10 people is up to the challenge; they cope with the travel restrictions that are so difficult these days. Their job is to take care of the administrative aspects of working internationally, making travelling abroad easier for our employees. They also prepare installers to provide safe and high-quality professional service.
Wherever the order comes from, the team will find the most optimal solution.



  • Our established network of partners is our best guarantee
  • We have many years of experience
  • We can be available within 48 hours anywhere in the world
  • We provide reliable, high-quality services



Our objective is to maintain the quality of our work and to strengthen partnerships and build new ones.