When the THREE EXECUTIVES joined forces, it resulted the reliable, punctual and flexible professional cooperation you see today.

The collaboration of the executives of Uni-Montage s.r.o. and Arcus Trade Kft.., Niko Csele, Zoltán Gyulay and Sándor Rózsa set the grounds for the creation of WAMA Mont Kft., a company of global scope.

OUR MAIN business is assembling conveyor belts at airports, logistics centers and bottling plants.

The high quality of our services is reflected in the growing number of our assignments. We have assembled hundreds of miles of conveyor belts throughout Europe, and even in the Far East and South Africa. Our considerable profits are reinvested every year to spur innovation and development.

Why choose us?


Through our well-established partner network, we provide our customers with the highest quality professional service. Our response time is quick and our colleagues are at your service anywhere in the world within 48 hours of your call.

Our workforce, our solid finances and our large fleet of vehicles and amount of tools allow us to work on several projects at the same time. Our objectives are to maintain the quality of our services and to strengthen our existing relationships while building new ones.