Our core activity is the installation, commissioning and maintenance of conveyor belts. Our company provides fast and accurate service in any area of application, including airports, logistics centres and bottling plants. We serve customers anywhere around the world, from Europe to South Africa and the Far East.

We owe our valuable experience to our completed projects, amounting to thousands of kilometres of conveyor belts.

Each year we reinvest a substantial portion of profits to ensure continuous modernisation and development. The growing number of our partners and their satisfaction proove our company’s success and the high standard of our work.



It is important for us to supply professional services as fast as possible and at the highest standard to our customers. Outstanding quality is provided by our experienced and professionally competent team.

Our employees who arrive with a neat appearance and in uniform working clothing at the work area, perform tasks to the best of their abilities, in observance of the rules of safe work. Our group leaders speak various foreign languages to ensure appropriate communication in all cases.



Our work is supported by more than 30 vehicles and its state-of-the-art tool kits available on the market – tool chests and Makita machine tools.



Diverse and complex back office work is carried out by a motivated, professionally competent team in our well-equipped, modern offices.



  • Our established network of partners is our best guarantee
  • We have many years of experience
  • We can be available within 48 hours anywhere in the world
  • We provide reliable, high-quality services



Our objective is to maintain the quality of our work, and to strengthen existing and create new relationships.