We believe it is important to try to help foundations and organisations working for a good cause. Therefore, to the extent of our capibilities, we support underprivileged children, sports organisations, and cultural events, thus contributing to a better world.


We have provided kindergarten teachers with stationery and folders.


Once again, we participated in the tree-planting campaign


We gave chocolate bunnies to kindergarten and nursery children



It’s not our rubbish, but it’s our world.


Once again, we joined the Tree-planting Campaign in Ózd.


We have already painted the fence of the Petőfi Sándor Primary School in Ózd several times for a good cause, thus contributing to the beautification of the environment of Ózd


We donated to charity a wheelchair lift that can be operated both electrically and hydraulically


We supported athletes with our trampoline donation


We supported a football team


We donated a ping-pong table